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[S2E11] Tempest In A Tea Party

Wilkey may have become a recurring cast member in season two, but she guest starred on the first season as the event planner behind Taylor Armstrong's $60,000 tea party. When she's not planning children's events, she's planning anything from film premieres to elaborate parties across The U.S. and Europe. Wilkey moved around a lot as a child and was deeply affected by a car accident that put her mother in a coma, which later resulted in her death. Moving from the East coast to the west at the age of fifteen, Wilkey graduated from University of Southern California with honors and in later years she founded the Adwil Agency, a boutique web application development company and product placement firm. Wilkey is mother to her 22-month year old son, John Cayden Flynn, and relishes with planning her wedding for the following year which will result in gaining two adult step-children. When she's not running her event planning business or raising her son she's buying couture clothes and adding to her Barbie collection.[37][38][39]

[S2E11] Tempest in a Tea Party

The season officially begins with Kyle and her husband packing up their home, to move into their new home that is much larger. Kyle and her sister Kim attempt to move forward after the event that occurred in season one. Grammer prefers for her new life as a single women, dealing with being along on a large property. Later, Maloof hosts a dinner party to celebrate Grammer's new role in the sitcom, $#*! My Dad Says with all the other ladies invited. Maloof introduced her new puppy, Jackpot, at the party that she thinks will rivals Vanderpump's dog, Giggy. At the Maloof and her husband have tension over things including the popping of wine, giving a toast and the placing of napkin, and it doesn't go unnoticed. Armstrong reveals that she and her husband are working on their relationship and are getting relationship therapy but Vanderpump's husband, Ken Todd, shocks the others when he implies that couple's therapy makes you weak. With Ken offending Armstrong, she leaves the table and heads to the bathroom with Kyle following soon after which leaves Vanderpump feeling uncomfortable in her friendship with Kyle.[17]

Armstrong opens up about some serious problems with her marriage during a trip to Grammer to-be-sold home in Colorado.[40] Armstrong attends a tea party with the other ladies hosted by Vanderpump, during the tea party Armstrong reveals her true feelings on Vanderpump. Armstrong isn't feeling supported by the other women on her feeling and claims they have all had negative things to say on Vanderpump. After leaving and returning, the ladies question Armstrong on her marital issues and the contradictions. Grammer walks out after claiming Armstrong needs to be honest and revealing Armstrong's marital secrets.[41] After the tea party, Armstrong wants to put the drama to the back of her mind and throws her daughter a birthday party where Ace Young performs.[42] The drama doesn't stay away for long after Armstrong fears running into Grammer at Maloof's glamorous, backyard fashion show.[43] Armstrong and Grammer's feud worsen at a Malibu house party hosted by Glanville, where Armstrong completely breaks down and Glanville ends up asking her to leave.[44] Armstrong is uninvited from Kyle's annual white party after Grammer receives a lawsuit from Armstrong's husband, and the other ladies fear they may be next.[45] As the women head to Lanai. Hawaii, Armstrong stays in Beverly Hills to work on her troubled marriage.[46] At the Vanderpump's launch party for SUR, Armstrong arrives with her psychiatrist with visible bruising under her eye. Armstrong sits down with the ladies to communicate with the help of mediation from her guest. She is confronted by the ladies on her conflicting stories with her marriage and Armstrong reveals to the wives that she has left her husband Russel and that she had been abused by him.[18][47]

Vanderpump finds out that her daughter, Pandora and her partner are engaged and is ecstatic because she think they're perfect for each other.[48] Vanderpump hosts an extravagant engagement party for her daughter, featuring camels, snakes and circus performers.[49] Vanderpump continues to relish her daughter's engagement helping her organize the wedding including invitations and lingerie shopping.[42] While wedding dress shopping with Pandora, Pandora insists her mum also wears a wedding dress at the wedding. Despite her prior issue with Armstrong, Vanderpump, her daughter and Armstrong head to Las Vegas for Pandora's bachelorette party as well as Armstrong's birthday. During the trip Vanderpump and Armstrong form a bond.[50] Vanderpump hosts a launch party for her new lounge and restaurant, SUR. Vanderpump sends home a waitress, Scheana Shay, after she learns the history of her and Glanville. Another familiar face arrives at the event, Vanderpump's former house guest Cedric, who is swiftly removed.[47] Vanderpump daughter gets married at Vanderpump's manor, in a million dollar, fairy tale ceremony.[18]

Kyle hosts a charity cocktail event for the Lollipop Theater Network, but the attention at the party turns to the entrance of Brandi Glanville. The ladies begins to gossip about Glanville's alleged past with Vanderpump's former house guest Cedric, which leaves them questing her intentions.[51] The question of Glanville continues when Maloof hosts a barbecue at her home and Glanville arrives and her bold language leaves Kyle and Dana Wilkey shocked.[52] The rising tension worsens at a game night hosted by Wilkey. With everyone attending but Vanderpump, Kyle and her sister Kim hide Glanville's crutches. Later that night, Kim Richards who keeps going to the bathroom leaves Glanville with a few opinions that she is open to share. Glanville enrages both sisters and results the three getting into an explosive argument throwing accusations around.[48][53] Kyle and Glanville get into a physical altercation at Glanville's house party in Malibu in the midst of Armstrong and Grammer's feud.[44] Kyle shoots the cover photo of her memoir, Life Is Not a Reality Show: Keeping It Real with the Housewife Who Does It All.[50]

Kim Richards skips Vanderpump daughter's engagement party for something she has been keeping a secret, that she is seeing a man.[49] While Paul's night of beauty, Kim learns that mixing alcohol with her medication isn't a good idea but is amendment she hasn't broken her sobriety. Paul Nassif explains that the medication's affect causing sedation may be reason of her erratic behavior.[54] The day after Kyle's séance that Kim chose no to attend, she reveals to Kyle that she has been seeing a man for a year. Kyle remembers him for a premiere they attended and questions why Kim kept it secret. Kim then drops another bomb that she is moving further away which leaves Kyle in tears.[54] Later, Kim breaks down to Kyle about her fears of losing her family for choosing to have a relationship with her boyfriend, Ken. She reveals that he is the boss in the relationship which raises concerns for Kyle that he is obsessed with Kim and is controlling.[50] Kim misses her first and second flight to the Hawaii trip, which leaves her sister worried and questioning her health.[46] Kim arrives at the launch party of SUR flustered, after frantically getting ready, with her boyfriend. At the event, Kim reveals to her sister that her boyfriend is controlling and doesn't treat her well and the two have an emotional revelation that results in Kim telling Kyle that her period is late.[47] Kim didn't attend the reunion and filmed an exclusive one-on-one with host, Andy Cohen. She revealed to him that she is an alcoholic and discussed life after rehab.[23]

Grammer going through a tumultuous divorce with Kelsey Grammer, must say goodbye to her Colorado home. To go out in style she invites the other ladies for some fun on the ski slopes.[40] Grammer receives a lawsuit from Armstrong's husband after her allegations at Vanderpump's tea party.[45]

After Jessie embarrasses Luke in front of a bully, he does not want her to help him with anything in public. When the mean child faces off with Luke in the neighborhood paintball contest, Luke has no one to be his partner. Upset, Jessie arrives at the park to prove to Luke that she can help him win the paintball contest. Meanwhile, Zuri invites Emma to her B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Boa) tea party, but Emma turns down the invitation when her friend Jasmine gives her a free pass to a fashion show. However, when Emma is ready for the fashion show, Jasmine gives the passes to the Olsen Twins, so Bertram insists that Emma spends the day with Zuri after he had been the unwanted guest at the tea party for the last part of the episode.

Jessie and the Ross kids go to Ms. Chesterfield's Halloween party. When Emma and Luke get possessed by the Doorkeeper and the Codemaster, Ravi creates a liquid that Jessie, Zuri, and Ravi use to defeat Zorag the Destroyer. So Emma and Luke get back to normal.

Jessie confronts the children on why they did not turn in their money from selling muffins for school. The children end up throwing a party, unbeknownst to Jessie, in order to raise the money. However, when the children lie about a celebrity guest at the party, Luke ends up going in disguise. Meanwhile, Jessie gets an audition for a hand commercial, thanks to her new agent, Max. However, when she accidentally puts her hand in purple paint, her attempt to hide it from the commercial producers causes her to get fired. As a silver lining, Jessie is asked to return for the safety video for the product she was originally supposed to advertise. In the end, Jessie tells Max she still wants to work with him.

When down-to-earth farm girl Maybelle moves into the Fairfield after winning the lottery, Jessie wants Emma to invite her to her party. However, Emma wants it to be sophisticated since she has invited her crush, Rick Larkin, to the party. Emma tries to help Maybelle become a New Yorker, but it does not seem to work. At the party, Maybelle has become sophisticated, which attracts Emma's new boyfriend Rick, who asks her out. Furious that Rick wants to cheat on Emma, Maybelle hogties him. Rick lies and Emma embarrasses her. Eventually, Zuri tells Emma the truth and she dumps Rick and starts fresh with Maybelle. Meanwhile, Ravi gets shot down by Mr. Collinsworth, the school music teacher, to join the band, so Jessie, Ravi, and Luke (disguised as Chip Falcon) start their own band with other school band rejects. Jessie thinks they're not good enough and decides to keep them from playing in the Battle of the Bands by hiding their instruments. When Ravi tells her they just wanted to have fun, she finds their instruments and they play. As predicted, they are horrible, but Ravi's sitar solo impresses Mr. Collinsworth, who invites him to join the band, but Ravi rejects him. In the end, Mr. Collinsworth joins their band by playing his cheeks, which is just humming. 041b061a72

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