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[S4E9] The Fall

Hopefully, the addition of Fred's brother will bring Archie back down to the ground. The teenager is unhinged and making terrible decisions. He needs some guidance, or he runs the risk of falling off the deep end.

[S4E9] The Fall

Despite the emotional stuff falling a little flat, the action works very well this week. Greg Beeman is a solid action director, and both the traditional Falling Skies walk-and-talks and the various gun fights both look great this week, particularly the combat scenes. Maggie and Ben working together to explore their powers, and their lust for one another, worked well too. It was a fun little break, even if it ended in the expected way. The footage of the beamer rising from the rubble was a very impressive shot, and good use of the special effects.

With the spell just minutes away from hitting, Mary Margaret and David hold hands and David says no spell is strong enough to break what they have. The Shattered Sight spell hits and everyone turns to the sky to watch before shielding their eyes as pieces of glass fall to the ground. As it hits, Mary Margaret and David unlock hands and look at each other with contempt.

Holden starts to stumble, as he's been awake for 3 days caring for and leading all the people in the settlement. The Investigator gives Holden a pep talk and gets him to keep going, leading him to a hole in the ground and asking him to jump in. He activates the hole somehow, to no visible effect until Holden puts his hand inside and touches a strange purple substance that glows in magenta light. As he asks The Investigator where it leads, Dr. Okoye catches up to him. She explains that she heard him talk to himself and overheard that he plans to save the ships, and she declares she is coming with him to help, as her people are also in danger, but he doesn't want her to come because he can only see The Investigator when he is alone. He explains that he needs The Investigator to guide him to something, though he doesn't tell her what exactly. Okoye watches as Holden jumps in the hall and falls through the strange glowing substance.[5]

Holden has fallen asleep on the way down, but is woken by The Investigator as he quickly approaches the floor at the end of the hole. He starts to panic, but the glowing substance safely deposits him at the end of the tunnel. As The Investigator begins to lead him through the ruins, he glitches back into his original persona with the hat, repeating the same sentences and leading him in the opposite direction. The hatless Investigator regains control and keeps walking, explaining that his creators are displeased that he is not following the rules he is supposed to and that the best way to deal with it is to wipe them out for good.

The Investigator leads Holden up to the point that he knows the way, as he isn't sure exactly where the "bomb" they are looking for is, saying that he "knows where the corpse is buried, [they] will just need to dig a little to find the bullet". He opens a passageway for Holden that leads to a strange bridge that crosses over a deep chasm in the depths of the protomolecule ruin. At the center of the chasm is a structure, connected to hundreds of other bridges up and down the chasm. Holden asks how long he'll be falling if he slips, and the Investigator replies: "Hmm... Rest of your life" before flickering out and reappearing on the bridge. Holden hesitates for a moment before jumping on it and following him.[9]

Alex and Naomi curse Murtry while they assess the damage to the Rocinante: They have lost half their thrusters due to the debris, a bunch of energy to fire the PDCs and a large amount of reaction mass to push against the spin caused by having thrusters only on one side of the Roci. The tether is making it difficult to deal with the arising problems, and also dragging the Roci back due to the Barbapiccola's weight. Alex also points out that, if the RCE goons attack them again, there is nothing they can do to defend themselves, as they lost a lot of ship power and can't spare to use the remains of it on their weapons. Lucia, desperate, says that they have to let the Barbapiccola fall. It's their only option to ensure that both them and the Belters survive. Alex and Naomi try to protest, but she declares that she's done getting people killed for her dream of staying on Ilus and that there's nothing left that they can do.

Amos and Okoye arrive at the end of the tunnel, where Chandra is waiting. She tries to convince Amos to join her while he frantically looks for Holden, stating that both she and him are survivors, that they are used to killing people and getting their hands dirty and that it's usually others making a profit from their work but, this time, it can be them. Amos simply tells her not to do this and keeps looking for Holden, but Chandra yells at him, begging him to talk to her because she doesn't want to hurt him. He turns to look at her, and she says they both know he doesn't want to hurt her either. She tearfully offers that, if they can get through this one day of shitty choices, they will have enough to walk away from this life forever. Amos asks her if that's the story that Murtry has told her, but she believes it's the truth. He reminds Chandra that he promised to never lie to her, and so states that he is going to find Holden and, if she tries to stop him, he will go through her. Chandra, saddened, gravely replies that she can't let him do that. Amos hesitates for a moment before raising his gun and shooting a surprised Chandra to death. As she falls, she manages to shoot a bullet in his leg, wounding him. Murtry appears from the corner and shoots Amos in the hand, blowing his fingers off. As Murtry takes cover, Okoye rushes to help Amos, but he just tells her to get away.

Murtry tells Holden that people like him always forget that civilization has a lag time, like light delay, and Holden thinks that just because he is civilized, he brings civilization wherever he goes. Holden is pointing his gun at Murtry and tells him to put his hands on his head, but Murtry ignores him and continues on, saying that they are walking in the footsteps of history, in the ancient concept of the frontier. The banks and post offices and railroads come after, but they need bloodshed to be built, and Murtry declares himself the kind of man the frontier needs, while Holden is the kind that comes after Murtry's work is done. He tells Holden he should have stayed home until Murtry built his post office. Holden retorts that he met another man who used past genocides to justify his bullshit, but a friend of Holden's shot him in the face. After a couple of tense seconds staring at each other, Murtry raises his gun and the two men shoot at each other. Both are hit, but Murtry is hit worse and collapses to the ground, his gun falling into the abyss below.

Dr. Okoye helps the Investigator's robot align its panels and points it in the right direction. She watches as another robot attacks the Investigator, while a swarm of the deadly metal bugs descends towards her. She curls up underneath the orb and avoids getting hurt as the swarm passes through the orb and then clutters to the ground. The Investigator's robot also falls down, and when Okoye approaches, he says that he can't move at all.

Elvi drags the hobbled mechanized Investigator along the floor towards the orb, and he urges her to accelerate as the lighting in the room starts to fluctuate and intensify. Holden walks in at the last moment and yells for her to wait, but she slips and falls through the orb, together with the Investigator's robot.[15]

The first event of the tournament is the skills competition. Miyagi-Do, Cobra Kai and Eagle Fang each show off different skills in the skills competition. Miyagi-Do students Demetri and Sam show off their weapon skills while Chris and Eli demonstrated their board breaking skills. Cobra Kai and Eagle Fang also show off their offensive skills such as weapons, combinations and board breaking. In the end, Cobra Kai wins the skills portion of the tournament, Miyagi-Do comes in second, and Eagle Fang falls to 6th. Cobra Kai's victory gives them an early lead for the title. After, Eli apologizes for not breaking the last board but Daniel tells them that they are close with Cobra Kai for the lead. Johnny is mad that they are in 6th but Devon explains the point progress and they need to win each one-on-one match to catch up.

A lot of moving parts in this one, but with Robin Wright directing, it all falls into place nicely. The large scope of the convention is well off set by the back room barracking as the latest move in the Underwood plan clicks into place.

Dutchess from "Black Ink Crew" was all set to open her own shop soon, but from the promo for episode 9 "The Dutchess of Charlotte," it looks like she is falling short. She might have to make a difficult choice about the grand opening of her shop, even as she is dealing with Donna and her anger.

People believe what they want to believe. That's as true for the audience of Better Call Saul as it is for the characters. Chances are good that as you watched Monday's episode unfold, you assumed disaster would befall Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) and his German construction crew. You likely pegged Werner (Rainer Bock), the gentle team leader who misses his wife of 26 years and always refers to Mike with a kindly-sounding "Michael," as the victim. You probably thought Kai (Ben Bela Böhm), the cocky young demolitions expert who's butted heads with Mike over and over, would be the culprit.

This adds further fuel to the fan speculation about what happened to Jughead: One theory is that Bret and Donna may have done something to him and are now framing the trio; another that the trio are taking the fall so that Jughead can pretend to be dead as part of his investigation into Stonewall Prep; and yet another theory is that the trio really do have something to do with what happened to Jughead.

But the idyllic reunion quickly gives way to something altogether more harrowing. A white, snowflake-like substance starts to fall from the sky, a volcano eruption-like phenomenon can be seen in the background, and the sky is swiftly turning black. As the scene suggests, Vecna isn't about to waste any time. 041b061a72

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