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How To Buy A New Engine

It is no secret that vehicle troubles are less than ideal. The worst-case scenario for many drivers is finding themselves with a blown engine. So can your engine problems be repaired? Is an engine replacement worth it? Or should you invest in a new vehicle? The mechanics at Chapel Hill Tire are here to answer all of your engine replacement questions.

how to buy a new engine

Maintenance services are preventative measures meant to protect your engine. At the first signs of vehicle trouble, you may be able to address your engine concerns with maintenance instead of repairs. The key here is to get your engine in the shop before it becomes damaged. Maintenance solutions, like engine fluid flushes, will also depend on the source of your engine problems and how severe the problem has become.

Maintenance can occasionally address early-stage engine concerns before they develop into serious issues. However, it is best to keep up with routine automotive maintenance to avoid any close encounters with engine damage.

Once your engine troubles have progressed into damage, you will begin to explore repair options. If your engine damage is contained to a single part or system, you may be able to achieve a repair by addressing the source of these issues. In a best-case scenario, you may simply need a replacement belt or hose. Larger systems, such as with the transmission or radiator, will be more costly to replace, but they are still less expensive than a new vehicle or an entire engine replacement.

Remanufactured engines are engines that have been previously repaired and restored. They offer an alternative solution to both new engine installations and vehicle replacements. Remanufactured engines are more affordable than new engines while still offering a reliable solution to your vehicle problems.

If you are wary about installing a remanufactured engine, consider partnering with a mechanic that offers a service warranty. Chapel Hill Tire, for example, extends our 3-year/36,000-mile service warranty to remanufactured engines to give drivers peace of mind and protection.

The local mechanics at Chapel Hill Tire install both new and remanufactured engines. We also have FREE loaner vehicles to keep you on the go while we take care of your vehicle. You can find our mechanics in Chapel Hill, Cary, Durham, Raleigh, Carrboro, and Apex. We also serve surrounding communities like Knightdale, Wake Forest, Clayton, Morrisville, Garner, Pittsboro, Hillsborough, and beyond. You can make an appointment here online to get started with your engine service today!

Because it is short and good example of anything is possible when it comes to cars and engine swapping, here is a crazy engine swap result of putting a V8 engine into a Honda Civic Hatchback and taking it on a drag strip for a timed quarter-mile run.

The exception to this is a practically new car that for whatever reason the engine exploded and even though under warranty, was not covered because the owner allowed someone to modify it in a way that voided its warranty.

Under both exceptions we are talking about swapping a damaged engine with the same type of a new or rebuilt matching engine (with a guarantee) for that vehicle. Swapping out a damaged engine with a lower mileage used engine (from a wreck for example) is risky and not advisable. Especially since some makes and models have engines that are known to have a high rate of engine rebuild history.

What motivated this topic was a recent The Car Wizard YouTube video where the host and a special guest discuss what happened when the owner of a 2014 Jaguar agreed to an engine swap for his beloved sports car only to discover that even with the new engine, his car still had problems.

Here is the video in its entirety. Although the video breaks away from the engine swap problems after the first 12 minutes, the Car Wizard returns to some good points made toward the end of the video that makes watching (or skipping over the interior inspection) the video end-to-end worthwhile.

From the video, I would surmise that this was a case of a mechanic who was not organized when it came to all the nuts, bolt, screws and clips that come with an engine swap. Plus, there was a failure to ensure that everything was torqued as it should be; and, there was a problem with the wiring reinstallation (most likely one that required starting all over again with some phase of the engine swap) that led to a jerry-rigged repair or readjustment.

(1) You must make sure that the mechanic doing the work has the expertise and experience of swapping your engine type. Ask for references. This is major mechanical work and best done only by a qualified mechanic who does this for a living.

(2) If you do have an engine swap done by a qualified mechanic, just like with buying a used car you should have the work inspected by another mechanic afterward who can catch any problems before they become a major issue. You would hope that the original mechanic has someone to look over the swap as a backup---but you never know.

(3) Engine swaps are never easy---even when it is done with an exact engine replacement or a recommended substitute engine. In the real world you can (and should) expect some problems will develop that will require some repeat visits or work done.

While the above was primarily about same engine-to-engine swapping, less conventional but reasonable (when possible) is to swap with a similar engine, but one with higher performance. On the far side of this spectrum is engine swapping with a totally different engine which may appeal to some car owners.

For a good explanation of why less-conventional engine swapping is not for the faint-hearted or those with a limited budget, here is an excellent video where an experienced mechanic and expert on swapping car engines explains all that can go wrong and special considerations that need to be made when thinking about swapping an engine.

Timothy Boyer is a Torque News automotive reporter based in Cincinnati. Experienced with early car restorations, he regularly restores older vehicles with engine modifications for improved performance. Follow Tim on Twitter at @TimBoyerWrites for daily new and used vehicle news.

Big trucks can last for years. They may drive a million miles or more. Even smaller diesel trucks routinely drive hundreds of thousands of miles. Those miles can take a toll on an engine. That is why it is common to rebuild truck engines.

The quality of a rebuild depends on the quality of the parts and the quality of the mechanic. Before picking from the engine rebuild shops around me, talk to their mechanics and look at customer reviews. You want to choose a highly-rated shop that will guarantee their work.

You may hear overhaul and rebuild used interchangeably. Both terms can refer to anything from replacing worn parts to a complete teardown of the engine. When you are getting quotes, make sure you are comparing the same services.

Honestly, the quality of the mechanic impacts the quality of the rebuild. A poor quality rebuild can shorten the life of your engine. A rebuild by a skilled mechanic using high-quality parts can add hundreds of thousands of miles to the life of your truck.

Yes. A scheduled overhaul is almost always less expensive than a new engine. Rebuilding to repair is usually cheaper than buying a new engine, too. You may save up to half of the cost of a new engine by rebuilding.

However, sometimes rebuilding is not a good option. In cases where rebuilding will cost as much as a new engine, your mechanic should be upfront about those costs. At Specialized Truck and Auto, we offer straightforward upfront pricing. With that information, you can make an informed decision about whether to rebuild, buy a new engine, or replace your vehicle.

We overhaul engines for the Ford F Series. Those trucks include the F150, F250, F350, F450, and F550. We also work on the Ford E Series. Those trucks include the E350 and E450. We also work on Ford Powerstrokes for 6.0, 6.7, and 7.3 engines.

If you do not see your engine or are unsure about your engine type, contact us. We can let you know if we rebuild engines for your make and model. We can also help you compare prices. For some vehicles, an engine rebuild is not a good investment.

Your vehicle comes with a maintenance schedule. That schedule may vary depending on how you use your truck. Make sure you are doing suggested maintenance at the proper interval. It will extend the life of your engine.

You also want to check your engine every time you get a check engine light on your instrument panel. These lights are an early warning system. Getting them checked immediately can help prevent serious problems.

We think an engine rebuild can be a fun DIY project. Of course, we are a bunch of mechanics. For most people, a rebuild quickly morphs from fun DIY to a disaster. It is complicated and time-consuming. The parts are expensive. Doing it wrong can lead to additional costly repairs.

You have probably heard about codes. Mechanics use diagnostic tools to get more information from your check engine light. Error codes tell us what is wrong with your engine. A check engine light could be anything from a needed oil change to a severe engine problem. Knowing the problem can save tons of money when you are beginning repairs.

At Specialized Truck and Auto, we offer quality, affordable repairs. If you are experiencing engine problems, we will diagnose the problem and give you a reliable repair estimate. If your engine needs rebuilding or replacing, we can offer estimates for both. Finally, we offer a 3-year/36,000-month warranty on our engine rebuilds. We are your best choice for local engine rebuilds.

Put simply, an internal combustion engine (the kind in most automobiles) combines fuel, air and spark to produce a series of small, controlled explosions. These small explosions are contained within the cylinders of your vehicle's engine, and each time the explosion occurs, a piston in the cylinder is driven up and down. These pistons are connected to a crankshaft, which is in turn connected to the vehicle's transmission and from there to the rest of your drivetrain. 041b061a72

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