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the witcher is killed a couple of times, which is interesting. being killed causes him to respawn, which can be a problem if you are being chased by a monster and don't want to waste time rerunning the level. it can also happen if you fall down a pit.

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  • key features: intuitive combat system - no longer any button pushing.

  • fully interactive environments with interactive objects and battle animations.

  • realistic character movements.

  • a rich world with fully animated characters and detailed environments.

  • an innovative third-person camera that lets you move and orient yourself like never before.

  • three unique characters to play through the tale of geralt's life.

  • an original story divided in four large, explorable chapters.

  • more than 100 hours of gameplay.

  • achievements and leaderboards.

  • three difficulty levels.

  • controller support.

  • written by andrás gyárfás and based on his previous works, the witcher series.

the three main characters geralt of rivia, triss merigold and yennefer are the most intriguing characters in the series and they all make an appearance in this game. to play as one of the three, you simply have to select a character from the main menu. you have the choice to play as geralt, the witcher, yennefer, or triss merigold. the story goes beyond the three characters you can play as because there are events that happen to your alter egos. this game goes beyond the traditional way of playing rpg's because every choice you make you can influence the story and the ending. there are three difficulty levels so everyone can play the game easily and enjoy it, but even with the hardest difficulty level, you can still have fun. it is not an easy game but it is not a hard game either. you are required to make decisions that you might regret in the game. but if you do not want to regret anything, you should give this game a try because it is a very addictive game.

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